Dawn Tahaney is a Ferris State University graduate with a BS and MBA in Business Administration. She parented three teenage children and understands how busy life can get both personally and professionally. Busy Betty provides Professional Services to businesses and individuals...she picks up where you leave off!

Why us?

Busy Betty is Bonded, Insured, and carries a Chauffeur License, a clean Criminal Background Record, Driving Record, and Drug Test Record.

Mission: The organization exists to deliver exceptional Professional Services to people and pets in every home and business while providing a positive customer experience every time.

Vision: The organization wants to be the area leader in providing Professional Services to individuals, families, couples, retirees, and businesses: Errand & Shopping Services; Vacant Cleaning, Home Organizing & Staging; Home & Pet Sitting Services; and Transportation Services for People and Pets.

Value: The workforce is expected to build, strengthen, and nurture professional relationships and a positive customer experience every time within and across three key areas – errand & shopping services, home organization, cleaning, and sitting services, and transportation services for people & pets – creating exceptional value by delivering exceptional services to Busy Betty customers. “Busy Betty picks up where you leave off” philosophy also shapes the Busy Betty Operating System, which provides employees with a standard set of values, processes, tools, and metrics to help achieve ever-high performance in the areas of safety, quality, service, efficiency, productivity, and costs.